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The company "strives for survival by quality, and promotes development by service." Eliminate the traditional foreman system, adopt the site supervision system, reduce intermediate links, save costs to a large extent, and improve management efficiency. Every penny saved by reducing the intermediate ring is used to improve the quality of materials and construction. The after-sales service department provides a complete post-guarantee, two-year free warranty, lifetime maintenance, and a 24-hour all-weather after-sales service system, eliminating all customer worries.

The company focuses on personnel training, and now has excellent designers and many well-trained and sophisticated workers.

Our designers with more than 15 years of experience preside over the design, and a team of design consultants with overseas backgrounds cooperate with qualified architects. Juemu strives to become a brand team in the corresponding design field with an elite design team, innovative design thinking, scientific engineering management, and perfect after-sales service. Juemu focuses on brand management and comprehensive design services for customers.

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Tel: 16621551777
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Shanghai Juemu Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and has more than ten years of space Design and project construction experience. It is a consulting company related to interior design and construction management focusing on the overall planning of commercial complexes.

Juemu focuses on office decoration, laboratory decoration, plant decoration, beauty salon decoration, education industry decoration, catering and hotel decoration. We are not only your terminal interior design partner but also provide you with more complete and cutting-edge terminal strategic services.