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Space division and types in interior decoration design

Update time : 2020-10-15

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Space division and types in interior decoration design

  The office is a complex office space. When we carry out interior decoration design, we should divide different spaces according to different functional types . For different types of interior decoration design, office space should be allocated. Juemu takes everyone to understand the space division and types in interior decoration design.

  1. Shared space: It is a public activity space that is multi-functional and reusable through the setting of scenery and the creation of small spaces in terms of spatial structure.

  2. Enclosed space: the space enclosed by the physical structure. The enclosed space makes it difficult for all kinds of information to communicate with the outside space, and has the characteristics of privacy, safety, and reliability.

  3. Open space: Generally used as a transitional space between indoor and outdoor, it has a certain degree of fluidity and interest, which is a kind of open mind to the environment demand.

  4. Composite space: Composite space is often a limited space in the interior of the secondary space, which makes large spaces include small spaces and enriches the spatial hierarchy.

  5. Interlaced space: Because of the characteristics of interlaced space, because it breaks the conventional interface and level, the layers are interlaced and interspersed with each other, and the vertical interface is separated and dislocated. , Different spaces blend and penetrate.

  6. Transition space: Transition space is the transition part from one main room to another main room. It is required to have a strong orientation and meet some specific requirements, in contrast with other office design and decoration spaces, and a continuous and rich spatial combination relationship.

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